Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Heart Resonance

Heart can be analog to an acoustic guitar.
Guitar has a resonance tube hole facing the row of its strings.
If the strings are vibrated by the way picked, the air in the resonating space will come to vibrate.
This can lead guitar string sound was loud and melodious.

It is certainly not going to happen if the hole resonance guitar is covered with a cloth.
The guitar voice will sounded very low and are not tunable.
Human liver or heart is like a tube guitar resonance.
When we do something, whether it was at the level of thinking or doing, always happens vibration in our hearts.
Vibration can be rough, could also be soft, depending on how the vibrations that arise.
When we are happy, our hearts trembled. When you are sad, our hearts are also vibrating.
When angry, our hearts are also vibrating.
In general, there are two sources of vibration, namely lust and divine vibration.
Lust is the desire to fulfill all what we needs/want.
Its vibrations tends to rough-turbulent and turbulent irregular.
In physics, this kind of vibration is called has a low frequency, but large amplitude.
Anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, envy, lying, cheating, arrogance, etc. are things that are included in the vibration lust.
While the divine vibration is the drive to achieve higher levels of quality.
Vibration tended to soft and smooth, with a very high frequency vibration and orderly.
Reading the Qur'an, zikir, patience, sincerity, and surrender themselves in religion is included in this divine vibration.

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